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Transformational COACHING

My transformational coaching is for anyone who needs help and guidance to live their ideal life and be their most authentic self. This form of coaching is particularly helpful for those navigating change or who feel ‘stuck’ in their current situation.

I use a longer-term, session series approach for actionable progress and flexibility – this is YOUR journey towards light after the darkness so I will employ the best techniques for YOU.

Transformational coaching will help you to clarify your goals, and whether or not you are effectively working towards them, make decisions and create solutions, and develop an action plan.


The benefits of my transformational coaching include:

A safe place to gain perspective

You have a safe space to be and talk through any sensitive issues without feeling held back or intimidated by anyone else.


This process is driven by you so you are in control to visualize, create, and choose the route to get to your desired destination.

Deeper level learning

You will learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible. Targeted approaches and open discussions are used to unlock your full potential.

Increased energy

This process provides an objective view of your situation so you can prioritize your time and energy and rediscover your excitement for life.

Present and future-focused

We will work towards removing the focus on negative emotions or past experiences and help you to understand that anything is possible.


Transformational coaching provides the ability for me to hold you accountable in achieving your goals, offering constant support and encouragement to keep moving forward.

ImprovED relationships

This coaching can help you to identify problem areas in your relationships and understand which direction you’d like to take them in.

ELEVated health and habits

Using an outside perspective can allow you to step back and look objectively at any negative influences in your life.

This may include cutting out bad habits, changing your diet, taking more time away from the office to achieve better life balance.

Increased Engagement

Improved engagement in your relationships, your work, and your life can help to increase your productivity and satisfaction.

Personalized transformational coaching includes 1:1 sessions and homework tasks so that you truly get the most out of our time together.

I serve from a place of understanding and empathy of exactly what you are trying to achieve. For this reason, each coaching session, plan, technique, conversation, and approach is unique to you. I work within your agenda, goals, and timeframe.

Transformational COACHING

Your specific transformational coaching may include any number of the following approaches:

  • PNeuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • PMental and Emotional Release® (MER)
  • PHypnosis
  • PBusiness planning and coaching
  • PPersonal goal setting and coaching
  • PLife coaching

All Transformational Coaching includes a Personal Breakthrough Session and MER®.

Client Success Stories

I recently made a big life change from a career in an academic setting to being self-employed in real estate. I knew early on that I needed a productivity coach to be successful even though my background and skills are a good fit for real estate. I chose Valerie as my coach because she is positive, realistic, extremely self-motivated and thoroughly enjoys seeing people succeed. (more…)
Lisa Fossum

I have been coaching with Valerie since April of this year and my business has drastically improved, thanks to her. She has helped me focus on marketing ways that resonate and work best for me. She is encouraging and so supportive and always there when I need advice. I have also gone through a breakthrough session with her which included using the MER. This was truly eye opening. (more…)

Sue Massari Young

In March of 2021 my family and I experienced a house fire that eventually left me with anxiety. I met with Valerie in September to do MER and NLP, and once the session was over I felt much better. In the weeks after my anxiety symptoms were greatly decreased, and even when they were present they were very mild. The session with Valerie was invaluable to making me feel better (more…)

Matt Aguirre

Before my breakthrough session, I felt a lot of anxiety and was depressed. During my session, Valerie coached me through certain exercises to overcome that anxiety and depression. She taught me that it was ok to look at the past and remember. After the session, I feel like a new person. I’m out in the world, trying new things, and expanding my palate. It’s so strange to look at who I was before the session (more…)

Alexis Coots

The sessions that I did with Valerie were excellent. She explained the whole process very clearly, and the sessions themselves were done in a nice calm, comfortable atmosphere. The work that we have done has greatly helped me greatly. I will continue to do more work with her because of the progress I’ve made over the sessions that I’ve done so far. I would highly recommend her.

Russell Morgan

I so, so needed my session with Valerie. Coming into it, I was feeling tired and out of whack. She took time to get to the root of the issue during our session and I left feeling SO much better. I slept better, was calmer, and felt the tension around my problem completely dissipated. No surprise I had the best week of my career the week after! If you have the opportunity, coach with Valerie ASAP!

Camila Arri-Nudo

Mental Emotional Release®

(MER) or Mental & Emotional Release® is used to release and overcome the ‘stuck’ emotions and traumas that limit us. Holding on to emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, guilt, and hurt limit us by holding on to baggage and pain.

These visualization techniques allow your unconscious mind to determine where a problem began and release it, without reliving or experiencing the trauma again.

Imagine how different your life would be if you were free from your baggage, your limitations, and your pain.

Mental & Emotional Release® has proven results in a broad variety of presenting problems. It’s a powerful technique which allows you to make long lasting changes in a rapid way. Unlike traditional counseling and self help work, this process can provide relief and direction within hours instead of days, weeks, or years.

What it can help: anxiety, depression, PTSD, stuck emotions, emotional baggage, and phobias.

Meet YourCoach


Here’s the beauty of life – when you do hit rock bottom, when you do have no choice but to acknowledge and accept reality – you open yourself up to healing, removing blockages, achieving breakthroughs, growing, rebuilding, achieving, and living your truth.

And just like any good story…I managed to bounce back again through deep inner work, changing my mindset and perspective, and making the choice to take action. Now I am on the path to help others….


Achieve the breakthrough you have been searching for and find the light at the beginning of a new day.