I recently made a big life change from a career in an academic setting to being self-employed in real estate. I knew early on that I needed a productivity coach to be successful even though my background and skills are a good fit for real estate. I chose Valerie as my coach because she is positive, realistic, extremely self-motivated and thoroughly enjoys seeing people succeed. Valerie’s years of experience in real estate and her training in NLP and MER has helped tremendously to organize my systems and to keep a positive mindset. When Valerie first told me about MER, it was a new concept for me and I was open to the approach. I have Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and have always seen this as positive because I am creative, adaptive, intuitive and detail oriented; yet there are many areas that are challenging for me. During my breakthrough session and mental emotional release, I was a difficult client because of my ADHD; however, Valerie’s positive attitude and ability to adapt to my needs helped release some of my anxiety and limiting beliefs that were holding me back. After the session, I was energized and felt positive emotions. A colleague even said my posture was upright and more confident. Each coaching session brings new light to my new career and I am able to move forward and help others with a good heart.