Discover, Breakthrough, Transform.

I’m with you


I’m here to help you to find your true path in your business and personal lives and help you to achieve your highest potential.

Together we can do this by:

  • PValues identification
  • PCreating a future self
  • PGoal setting
  • PDeveloping a vision & direction for the future
  • PUnderstanding and working with the unconscious mind
Find your true path
Achieve greater heights - Its all about you

Achieve greater heights!

It’s all about you

Whether you are struggling with career, personal growth, physical health, family, relationships or spiritual growth, my personal breakthrough sessions and transformational coaching focuses on YOU and YOUR goals for YOUR life.

  • PFind clarity on your life’s purpose
  • PUnblock what is holding you back
  • PLearn how to unlock your true potential
Valerie Tolbirt Pondering

Is there…

  • PA stumbling block in the way of you achieving your goals?
  • PAn issue, perhaps hidden, in the way of you reaching your full potential?
  • PSomething that is stopping you from getting the career of your dreams, the relationship of your desires, the peace you want?

My unique process has been designed to seek out the true problem and unblock it so that you can move on with your life and stand in the light.

I believe you deserve…real self discovery so you can truly live your best life and find your true path!

I understand your problem because…I’ve been on this journey myself!

You can trust me because…I serve from a place of understanding and empathy for what you are going through and what you are trying to achieve!

there IS…

A way to gain vision and direction.
A sunrise to be found at the beginning of every day.

Through coaching, goal setting methods, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, Mental & Emotional Release® (MER), and hypnosis – there is light at the beginning of a new day.

My own growth has given me extraordinary insight into how to help others to find their place in the world. From a place of empathy, understanding and patience I work within an individual’s parameters, mission, vision, and experiences.

Valerie Tolbirt Coaching



Personalized and deep breakthrough sessions which combine Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mental & Emotional Release® (MER) and hypnosis techniques.

These sessions are super focused on the greater problem, trauma, and emotional baggage that is holding you back from achieving your true potential.

Personal Breakthrough Sessions
Transformational Coaching

Transformational COACHING

Impactful and individualized coaching designed to transform your life – personal, business, relationships – any or all areas of your life where you need to achieve clarity to move forward.

We’ll work together, implement a range of techniques, do the work, take the steps towards your goals.

Meet your Coach!


Coach | Valerie Tolbirt Coaching

Here’s the beauty of life – when you do hit rock bottom, when you do have no choice but to acknowledge and accept reality – you open yourself up to healing, removing blockages, achieving breakthroughs, growing, rebuilding, achieving, and living your truth.

And just like any good story…I managed to bounce back again through deep inner work, changing my mindset and perspective, and making the choice to take action. Now I am on the path to help others….

Coach Valerie Tolbirt

Client Success Stories

I recently made a big life change from a career in an academic setting to being self-employed in real estate. I knew early on that I needed a productivity coach to be successful even though my background and skills are a good fit for real estate. I chose Valerie as my coach because she is positive, realistic, extremely self-motivated and thoroughly enjoys seeing people succeed. (more…)

Lisa Fossum

I have been coaching with Valerie since April of this year and my business has drastically improved, thanks to her. She has helped me focus on marketing ways that resonate and work best for me. She is encouraging and so supportive and always there when I need advice. I have also gone through a breakthrough session with her which included using the MER. This was truly eye opening. (more…)

Sue Massari Young

In March of 2021 my family and I experienced a house fire that eventually left me with anxiety. I met with Valerie in September to do MER and NLP, and once the session was over I felt much better. In the weeks after my anxiety symptoms were greatly decreased, and even when they were present they were very mild. The session with Valerie was invaluable to making me feel better (more…)

Matt Aguirre

Before my breakthrough session, I felt a lot of anxiety and was depressed. During my session, Valerie coached me through certain exercises to overcome that anxiety and depression. She taught me that it was ok to look at the past and remember. After the session, I feel like a new person. I’m out in the world, trying new things, and expanding my palate. It’s so strange to look at who I was before the session (more…)

Alexis Coots

The sessions that I did with Valerie were excellent. She explained the whole process very clearly, and the sessions themselves were done in a nice calm, comfortable atmosphere. The work that we have done has greatly helped me greatly. I will continue to do more work with her because of the progress I’ve made over the sessions that I’ve done so far. I would highly recommend her.

Russell Morgan

I so, so needed my session with Valerie. Coming into it, I was feeling tired and out of whack. She took time to get to the root of the issue during our session and I left feeling SO much better. I slept better, was calmer, and felt the tension around my problem completely dissipated. No surprise I had the best week of my career the week after! If you have the opportunity, coach with Valerie ASAP!

Camila Arri-Nudo


Achieve the breakthrough you have been searching for and find the light at the beginning of a new day.